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Chronology  more detailed chronology 

1830 EJ Phillips born Sept 7
1883 Climbing Pike's Peak   
1886 New York Life   Bartholdi Day 
1887 Hattie's wedding 
1888 Blizzard of '88 
1889  Albert's engagement  Centennial of Washington's Inauguration
  Philadelphia and baseball  Albert and Neppie's Thanksgiving wedding
1890  New York   Gilbert & Sullivan's Gondoliers
1891  New York
1892  Actor's Fund Fair 1892   Columbus Celebration 1892    
1893  Lady Windermere's Fan   Chicago and the Columbian Exposition 1893   
1894  Philadelphia   Olga Nethersole
1895  Montreal  
1896  Bicycles  
1897  New York   Knoxville   Charleston    Atlanta   Pensacola   New Orleans
1898  Recalled from Retirement  
1900  Arrival of the 20th Century                
1904  Death of Mrs. EJ Phillips    
1998-present  EJ Phillips' 135 year old quilt   

Nickinson Family 
Elizabeth Jane Phillips Nickinson  1830 -1904     John Nickinson 1803-1864   Albert Nickinson 1863- 1948  Mary Penelope Macardell Nickinson  1864- 1955  Edward Phillips Nickinson "Ted"  1890-1948
John Nickinson's first marriage and children
Dolman family   John Dolman 1824/30?-1895  Hattie Nickinson Dolman  1861-1946  John Dolman, Jr. 1857- 1939  Jack Dolman 1888- 1952  Elizabeth Ellen Dolman 1891- 1892  Melanie Nickinson Dolman 1897- 1978

The Theatre 
Acting life   
Actor's Fund

Colleagues and friends  - actors, playwrights, producers  alphabetical index 
Lawrence Barrett   Georgie Drew Barrymore   Maurice Barrymore   Agnes Booth     May Brookyn   Marie Burroughs   Charlotte Cushman   Augustin Daly   William Pleater Davidge   Ben DeBar   Elsie de Wolfe    Charles Frohman   Daniel Frohman   Maud Harrison   EM Holland  William LeMoyne   Richard Mansfield   Olga Nethersole   AM Palmer   Dr. John T. Nagle   Walden Ramsey   Jacob Riis   Annie Russell   James Henry Stoddart      Wallacks  

Playwrights  Dion Boucicault  William S. Gilbert    Henry Arthur Jones    Arthur Sullivan   Denman Thompson      Oscar Wilde   Charles Young          Plays EJ Phillips appeared in

Plays   Engaged by William S. Gilbert,   Gay Parisians   Gilbert & Sullivan's Gondoliers   Patience   HMS Pinafore,   Heart of Hearts by Henry Arthur Jones   Jim the Penman by Charles Young,   Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde,   Old Homestead by Denman Thompson,   Our Society,   Pillars of Society by Ibsen,   Saints and Sinners by Henry Arthur Jones,   Uncle Tom's Cabin   Wealth by Henry Arthur Jones,   Vera the Nihilist by Oscar Wilde

Theatre companies   Daly's Company   Frohman's company   Lyceum Company   Madison Square Theatre Company   Palmer's Theatre   Union Square Theatre Company   Wallacks Theatres (first)  (second)  (third)

Places  Canada  Montreal Toronto  Vancouver, British Columbia
New England Connecticut   New Haven   Massachusetts   Boston  Rhode Island  Providence  Narragansett  Newport

Northeast   New York City EJP’s New York - map   Five A's    Madison Square Theatre Stock Company   Players' Club    
New York State  Buffalo   Middletown NY  Rochester   Syracuse  Troy

Pennsylvania  Philadelphia   Pittsburgh  Wilkes Barre 
Baltimore  Washington DC

Midwest  Chicago Cincinnati Detroit  Milwaukee  Omaha

West  Denver   Salt Lake City   San Francisco   Los Angeles   Portland   Seattle   Tacoma   Vancouver, BC

Southeast   Atlanta   Charleston   Charlotte   Knoxville   New Orleans   Richmond

1876 Centennial

About EJ Phillips   About these letters   Letters 1883-1901    Photographs and playbills  

Acting Life & the profession   Actor's Fund  Actors Fund Fair 1892  Advertising   Aging   Albert's engagement   Amateur theatrics  Atlanta

Babies     Bartholdi Day in New York    Baseball   Baseball in Boston   Baseball in Philadelphia   Sarah Bernhardt   Bibliography  Bicycles  Biographies  Blizzard of 1888    Boardinghouse life   Boston letters   Boston Theatres   Buffalo

Canada   Cast of characters   Centennial of George Washington's Inauguration 1889   Charleston  Charlotte NC   Chicago letters  Childbirth   Children's' clothes   Chronology  Churches   Cincinnati    Cities  City Maps   Civil War     Grover Cleveland     Clothes      Cold prevention recipe - Sarah Bernhardt's   Columbian Exposition 1893   Columbus celebration 1892    Copyrights   Costumes, stage clothes & family clothing   Currency

Dancing   Ben DeBar   Dentistry   Denver letters   Diet   Diseases, infectious & otherwise   Dolmans

Economics   Education   Election of 1896   Electricity   Elevators  Engaged  Exercise

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia     Family tree    Fire departments       Fishing    Food     Forrest Home  

Gilbert & Sullivan   Girard College, Philadelphia    La grippe

Benjamin Harrison   Health & Medicine   Historical Tourism    Home Page    Home remedies    Homeopathy     Hotels      Household accounts    Household technology  Housekeeping & Boarding House Life       

International relations

Jim the Penman

Kansas City  Knoxville

Lady Windermere's Fan  Letters   Los Angeles letters

Madison Square Theatre Company  Managers & Producers - Theatre  Masons  Mental health  Middletown NY  Midwest   Money  Montreal  Mortality  Music

Nagles   Olga Nethersole   New Orleans   New York City letters 1886-1889   New York City letters 1890-1897   New York politics    New York City walking tour  Newest additions   Newspapers  Nickinsons   John Nickinson obituaries  North American Review   Northeast

Obstetrics & pediatrics   Our Society

Palmer Companies colleagues    Palmer's Theatre   Pensacola   People   Philadelphia Churches   Philadelphia letters   Philadelphia theatres   Philadelphia tour   EJ Phillips early life  EJ Phillips obituaries   EJ Phillips professional photographs  Photos and playbills   Photography  Pike's Peak   Plays   Playwrights   Politics    Portland   Prohibition   Pregnancy   Public health


Railroad history & EJ Phillips' travels   Railroads   Recreation & sports   Refrigeration    Recalled from retirement    RUM and Drinking

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Telecommunications & other technologies   Telegraphy  Telephones   Theatre companies    Theatres   Tonics  Toronto   Trains  Training - theatrical   Transportation  Travel  Tuberculosis  Twentieth century   Typewriters

Uncle Tom's Cabin   Unidentified photographs   Union Square Theatre Company


George Washington   Washington DC     Western cities     Willow Grove, Philadelphia


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