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The Professional Elizabeth Jane Phillips   Photography

c1870s eBay photo     The back reads CD Fredericks & Co 587 Broadway, New York   Paris  Habana Thanks to Allister Hardiman and Nathan Chitty for their help in knowing about and buying this.

Gilbert & Bacon, No. 40 N. Eighth St. Philadelphia probably 1870s
           F. Gatekunst, Philadelphia

F. Gutekunst, Philad'a, inscribed to Mr. John Dolman Jr, Xmas 1881

  Barbie Dolman Spencer suggested one might possibly be Queen Gertrude, or maybe Lady Macbeth

San Francisco, Aug. 19, 1883 It was very cold and snow fell while we were there [Pike's Peak].  A photographer took a picture of the visitors who were there, some sitting, others standing among the rocks.  If good we are to have some sent to us here.  So far this photograph hasn't turned up. I'll keep looking.

A 1934 Swarthmore Players Club program of The Rivals thanks Mrs. John Dolman Senior [Hattie] for lending EJ Phillips' Mrs. Malaprop's costume, from the Chestnut Street Theatre [Philadelphia] November 1877 production. 
Was this that costume?

Sarony 87 Union Sq. N.Y.

New York, Mar. 29, 1886  Our pictures have not yet been delivered from [Napoleon] Sarony's. When we get them we will try and let you have what you ask for.

Hattie wrote to Albert in Sept 1886 that "Mama wrote me that she was feeling very well.  Says she weights 160 lbs.

New York, Jany 28th 1887  No diminution in attendance for Jim the Penman. Guess it will run through until May.  Had our photos taken at Sarony's on Tuesday. The groups are very good.  Think I caught cold at the gallery -- have not felt first rate since.

probably in Jim the Penman 1886-1892

New York, Feb. 6, 1887 I was impressed you [Albert] could have that Photo mounted.  I guess it will fade, will it not?  I have not yet seen any of them mounted but I have heard they are out, and are printed on satin for the Souvenir for the 100th performance [of Jim the Penman] which takes place tomorrow night.  If I can get you one, I will. 

Our Society review San Francisco 1888

New York, April 17, 1890 I have been quite busy last week and this, trying to pack, sew and have had so many other calls upon my time that I have not succeeded in getting much accomplished.  I have had to go to Photographers two days to sit for pictures for our travels.  Been twice to Dentist and have to go again tomorrow.  ...It was so lovely this Morning, that when I left the Photograph gallery about 1/2 past 11 I took a walk down 5th Avenue and through 14th St.  to Macys and back.

San Francisco, July  29, 1890 Yesterday I sent my  photographs taken here.  I think they are very good.  Hope they will reach you in good condition.  I had 27 of them and have only two left.  

Los Angeles, Aug. 12, 1890 [Hattie] wrote that John [Dolman] had received my photographs which I sent to the office in Phila - by his receiving those I hope Albert has his also.  And that you both enjoyed looking at the shadow of your Mother.  Do you think she has grown stouter? "Nickel in the slot" machines gave three weights for her in about ten days - 165 lbs - 171 lbs and 172 1/2 lbs.  I think the first is nearest to the proper weight.  However as everybody tells me I am looking well, I suppose I may have gained something in weight while in San F'co but I think I shall lose some of it travelling back to Denver

Chicago, Sept. 18, 1890 On Tuesday I sent to Albert two photographs for Mrs. Walton for I did not know her address or her initials.  I sent her the one with the bonnet because she desired it, and the other because I wanted her to have the one I like best.  

Philadelphia, Aug. 7, 1892  I am still idle and am very tired of it.  About 2 1/2 months yet to wait before going to work and yet have not rec'd any instructions as to what I have to do or where I begin.  Mr. [Ramsey] Morris sent for Photographs to make lithographs from the week before last so I conclude from that he is at work.  

From Marie Burroughs,  Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities, Chicago: AN Marquis, 1894. Mrs. EW [sic] Phillips

This looks very similar to the 1886 Sarony portrait.


Scott, Champlain Bldg. cor. State & Madison Sts. Chicago. Summer 1896

Crossing the desert, Aug. 15, 1896 I hope two photos reached you from me on Wednesday.  I sat for those on a Thursday when I was feeling and looking my best.  Then I went with Mrs. Graves (who went with me to the Photographers) to a restaurant kept by an old acquaintance of hers from Louisville, Ky -- a Mrs. Allen, and we had a lovely lunch, but the newly made hot biscuits were too great a temptation to me and consequently the next day I was sick.  And I looked bad, and was very glad I had sat for my picture the day I felt and was looking so well.  

Elite  Jones & Lotz, 888 Market St., San Francisco, Grand Prize Jones & Lotz 1894 medallion, Aug. 1896

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