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Nickinson Family 

EJ Phillips  (1830 -1904) and  John Nickinson (1808 - 1864), the father of her children (and possibly her husband)  were the parents of  Charles Alderman Nickinson (b. Apr. 30, 1858, Toronto -died Sept. 1859, Pittsburgh) 

Albert Edward Nickinson (born Cincinnati, Ohio July 8 1863 - died Pensacola, Florida, June 1948) "my dear son" and "Albert" to his mother and "Buddie" to his sister.   He would seem to have been named after the Prince of Wales, born  in 1841, son of Queen Victoria and her Prince Consort Albert.  more on the Prince of Wales

Hattie and Albert, Cincinnati c. 1865     
   Albert about 1870, Indianapolis
Judkins Photographer, 101/2 East Washington Street., Indianapolis, Indiana

Albert Edward Nickinson 1878, about 15 after the move to New York
Daughter Christine Harriet  Melanie "Hattie" Nickinson Dolman (born Toronto Aug. 24, 1860, died Philadelphia, Oct. 9, 1946) 
Melanie would seem likely to be a reference to the role played by both Charlotte Nickinson and EJ Phillips in Nickinson's greatest role of  Havresack in Boucicault's Old Guard

When Hattie and John's daughter Melanie Nickinson Dolman was born Hattie wrote that she was always sorry she wasn't called Melanie, "which was what Papa and Mama both intended".

Hattie married John Dolman, Jr. , a Philadelphia lawyer, in April 1887.  Dolman Family Tree

Albert was nearly 23 in 1886 when these letters from EJ Phillips begin.Albert photo
He had just moved to  Middletown New YorkSoon after he met  Mary Penelope Macardell Nickinson (September 11, 1864 -June 19, 1954) of Middletown and they were marriedon Thanksgiving Day 1889,. "my dear daughter"[-in-law].

They were the parents of  Edward Phillips Nickinson "fair haired Sunshine". Known as Edward as a small child, then Ted, and finally Nick, (born October 7 1890, Middletown, NY - died January 17, 1948, Pensacola, Florida).  

Edward Phillips Nickinson went to Annapolis and met and married Em Turner Merritt  (born  March 31, 1896- born Sept. 24, 1973)Po' lady or The Poor Old Lady of Pensacola, Florida, who ran and inherited her father's shipping agency, and drove a convertible and built a beach house much to the delight of her grandchildren.

They were the parents of
Mary Elizabeth Nickinson "Betty Nick: (1920-2002)  married Arthur Chitty (1914- 2003) .
Edward Phillips Nickinson Jr.
(1926-2018)  who married Elizabeth Louise "Betty Lou" Kuhl (1926- ) parents and grandparents of Edward Phillips Nickinson, Pat Nickinson, and Merritt Lee Nickinson Schatz, editor of Kiss the Children for Father
Em Turner Nickinson  Kuhl (1928-2000) married Donald Glen Kuhl (1923- 2012) Their children are Mary Glen Kuhl Chitty, Phillips Lee Kuhl, Marjorie Turner Hollman, Elizabeth Anne Kuhl Nelson and Donald Robertson Kuhl. 

We tend to underestimate the power of exponentials -- two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents.  Each generation doubles. Only child Edward Phillips Nickinson had three children, 12 grandchildren, 20+ great-grandchildren and (so far) at least six great great grandchildren.  .  

July 1999 619 North Baylen St. Pensacola Florida 
50th wedding anniversary Em Turner Nickinson Kuhl and Donald Glen Kuhl

Thanks to AO and Mary Rule for keeping the house where Mother and Daddy's wedding reception had been in the family
 and having the (considerably extended) family over 50 years later.

John Nickinson had died in Cincinnati, Ohio  in February 1864, aged 56, leaving EJ Phillips (aged 33) with Hattie, aged 3 and Albert, aged seven months and herself to support.

John Nickinson (born London, England June 1, 1808) came to Canadaafter enlisting in the British Army at 16 and there married first Mary Ann Talbot They were the parents of
       Charlotte Nickinson Morrison (1832 - 1910)
       Eliza Nickinson Peters (1834 -1916 )
       Virginia Nickinson Marlowe (1838 -1899)
       JohnNickinson (1844 - Feb 1916)
       Isabella Nickinson Walcott(1847 -1906)

Various 19th century Nickinsons in Canada    more family photos    EJ Phillips descendents in the 21st century

Last updated March 7, 2022

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