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Can you help identify these people? We'd love to hear if you know who any of these people are.  Probably from 1880s or 1890s if undated. mgchitty@gmail.com

on back Sarony Gold Medal Paris 1878 37 Union Square New York  Negatives Preserved. Duplicates may be obtained at any time.  Elevator from the Street

Fredericks 770 Broadway, N.Y. 

on back Fredrick's Knickerbocker Family Portrait Gallery, 770 Broadway Cor. 9th St. NY

C.D. Charles D. Fredricks
.(1823-1894) In 1843 Fredricks was a clerk in a bank, when he began to take lessons from Jeremiah Gurney. Late in the summer he traveled to Venezuela to the district of Augostura on the Orinoco river on a business speculation to take views of the city and visit his brother . He returned with the daguerreotype images and fully embarked on his photography career. He continued to travel to South America, visiting Pernambuco, Rio Janeiro, Rio Grande, and others. He took pictures and soon began selling them with noted success, sometimes being paid in horses by the poorer class, of which he soon became proprietor of a large drove.

In 1853 he opened a photographic establishment in Paris, and was the first to make life-size heads, employing artists to finish them in pastel. While in Paris, Talbot announced his Talbotypes and C.D. Fredericks brought the discovery back to America. He later became one of the first and finest photographers using Talbot's modern paper process. His high quality images he marketed as "Specialite". The first photographs were small in size and were called cartes de visite.

Upon his return to New York, Fredricks entered into partnership with Gurney for a short time from 1855-57 and continued to occupy the gurney gallery at 707 Broadway. The specialty that Mr. Fredricks makes at present, is the taking of club portraits as shown below, and in this he has built up a vast business which has no cessation in prosperity. In 1855 he began to travel and document Havana, Cuba where he opened an office.

D'Aquinos 1289 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Ray D. Chapman 1513 Eighth Ave., Bet. 17th & 18th Streets, New York

This photo has a name attached, but no indication of how or why  EJ Phillips came to have it. .

Miss Winnetta Montague  Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco
(1851-1877) Actress Winetta Montague debuted in 1871, then married Walter Montgomery, who committed suicide a few days later. The young widow returned to the stage at Brooklyn's Park Theatre in 1872. In 1874 Montague's career took a turn and she became a variety performer. http://www.picturehistory.com/find/p/21764/mcms.html
https://wairarapaarchive1052.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/chasing-winetta/  The Life of David Belasco 1912 reported that she died in New York in  abject poverty in 1877.
Bradley & Rulofson's Celebrity Catalog, San Francisco 187
https://archive.org/details/bradleysons1878unse lists governors of California, mayors of San Francisco, business and actors "of any note " who have visited California since 1849.  

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