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1883 Climbing Pike's Peak   Madison  Square Theatre Stock Co.

1886  New York Life  EJP’s New York - map  Engaged  Boston  Chicago  San Francisco  Salt Lake City  RUM and Drinking  Denver  Statue of  Liberty Saints & Sinners  Jim the Penman

1887 Chicago  Philadelphia & baseball  Boston & Baseball  

1888 Blizzard of '88  Dr. Nagle  Jacob Riis  Boston & More Baseball  San Francisco  Los Angeles 

1889  Washington's Inauguration Centennial  Boston  Chicago

1890  Gilbert & Sullivan  Ibsen's Pillars of Society  Boston  Portland  Seattle  Tacoma  San Francisco  Los Angeles  Salt Lake City  Denver  Chicago   

1891 Boston  Washington DC  Buffalo

1892 Sarah Bernhardt's cold prevention recipe  Actor's Fund Fair & Madison Square Garden  Columbus Celebration  Toronto 

1893 Washington DC   Boston  Chicago & Columbian Exposition Lady Windermere's Fan & Oscar Wilde 

1894  Montreal  Chicago   Niagara Falls

1895  Montreal  Chicago  Boston and Cambridge

1896  Chicago  Bicycles  San Francisco  Cliff House  Los Angeles  Portland  Vancouver, British Columbia  Seattle  Salt Lake City

1897  New York  Charlotte, North Carolina  Knoxville, Tennessee  Charleston, South Carolina  Atlanta, Georgia  New Orleans, Louisiana

1898 Recalled from Retirement   1900 Dec 31  Arrival of the 20th Century

1904 Death of Mrs. EJ Phillips 

1998-present   EJ Phillips & the 21st century  Her 140 year old quilt 

Mother reading the 1996 second edition of the Letters

Deciphering old handwriting  http://www.amberskyline.com/treasuremaps/oldhand.html

Last revised August 29, 2020

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