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Baltimore 1891-1894

EJP's Baltimore Google Map
I've been to Baltimore several times, but never in search of EJ Phillips until 2018
The train station is still in the same location (but a newer building) and one of the hotels is still an extant building (but no longer an hotel). 

Sylvanus Stokes 
Proprietor  Baltimore      
         April 28th, 1891 

My dear Son,  

Had a good house last night in spite of the circusRichard Mansfield and several other attractions. I was pleased we remained over Sunday in Washington as it enabled me to go to Arlington Heights and see one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Once the residence of Gen. Robt E. Lee, now the resting place of Gen [Philip H.l Sheridan whose tomb is in front a little to the right of the Lee Mansion.  The house commands a view of the Capitol and Monument across the river and is just lovely.  I enjoyed my trip to Washington very much. 

Our next objective point is Pittsburgh where we hold forth next week. Then on to Buffalo.  I might not have to go to Chicago as they are talking of playing nothing else but Alabama there. I shall not know anything for certain about it for a week or two. 

I hope you had Edward christened on Sunday. It was a perfect day in Washington.  His trip to Otisville would strengthen him for the short journey to Church. Hope he behaved like a little soldier. Love and Kisses to my dear children three Neppie, Edward & Albert from their loving Mother 

Circus Baltimore Sun April 28, 1891 CIRCUS AND THEATRES Forepaugh's Great Circus Fully 20,000 persons attended the two performances of Forepaugh's great circus .yesterday on the York road, near Huntingdon avenue. Such a scene as they presented going to and from the immense canvas coverings can only be produced by a circus. For squares around the show ground lemonade stands and peanut venders lined the streets.
Circus owner Adam Forepaugh (1831=-1890) was a great rival of (and occasional collaborator with)  PT Barnum.  He sold his circus in 1889 to James Anthony Bailey (of Barnum and Bailey).  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Forepaugh

Eutaw House 
Baltimore & Eutaw Sts 

Sylvanus Stokes, prop'r 
Baltimore, Md  Nov 1st, 1892

My dear Son, 

I am moving around so fast that I get very little time to write but do the best I can.  On Saturday notice was put up that we left after performance for NY, to remain there over Sunday and leave at 10:10 AM Monday for Wilmington, so I not having anyone in New York to see, got permission to go on to Phila Sunday 9 AM train.  

Met the Co at Broad St at 12:20.  Reached Wilmington  at 1:30 or there about.  Played at night and left there nearly 1 AM for this town, reaching this hotel at 3 AM.  I did not get up until 12.  Took breakfast at 1 and since have been mending and getting clothes ready for wash. It was a great mistake bringing us from Wilmington last night.  We might better have had our rest there and have come on this Morning.  It is only a two hours ride -- 74 miles I hear is the distance.  We are badly managed with regard to travel and dates.   We remain here 5 nights which seems quite a treat after the travel we had last week.  Glad Neppie recd the V.  I will now enclose one to you.  Love and Kisses to you all dear children from your loving Mother

Eutaw House  Baltimore Md
Novr 5th 1892 

My dear daughter Neppie, 

Dear little fellow, how I should like to hear [grandson Ted] prattle.  His nose will be out of joint now with Mrs. Williams who has found such a beautiful boy for herself.  I am delighted to hear she got through so nicely, and hope she will not be too hasty in getting around again.  No matter how well she feels, tell her to keep quiet for at least three weeks.  My congratulations to her and a Kiss for the boy. 

I have not yet heard whether we leave here tonight or tomorrow Morning but we are to play in Hartford, Conn on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights and then to Troy for the other three nights.  The following week will be I am afraid very trying & disagreeable.  One night in Herkimer, one in Ithaca and the 3rd in Oswego.  Then the other 3 in Syracuse.  We are jumping about the map of the US pretty lively and I fear cold weather.   

Yesterday I took a ride by cable cars to the [Druid Hill]  park which I found to be very pretty. 

I suppose the Election is keeping Albert busy and on Wed'day we shall know who the victor is.  Seems a pretty hard fight at last and bets more numerous than ever.  Everything seemed so quiet a month ago that it did not seem like election time at all.  My love and Kisses to Albert, Ted and Neppie my dear children from their loving  

Election: Grover Cleveland won a second [non-consecutive] term, defeating Benjamin Harrison.

next: Hartford, Nov. 8, 1892   previous: Buffalo Dec 1892

Mt Vernon Hotel
Monument Street West 
Baltimore, Md

F H Nunns, Manager 
Decr 10/94 

My dear Son, 

I was very glad to hear you had such a pleasant family gathering for your 5th Anniversary and Thanksgiving.  Must have been quite a houseful and Neppie must have had to "hustle" and quite lively.   I am going out to find the Post Office and send your Xmas gift.  Two months ago I did not think it possible for me to send you anything this year, but by God's love I can!  I send thus early because this is the nearest point to reach you for some weeks to come and week after next I shall be in a foreign land  [Canada? -- She was born and grew up in Canada] and the week after.  I send $40 -- $15 each for you & Neppie and $10 for the boy. I hope you will enjoy a Merry Xmas & happy New Year with love & Kisses to my dear children Albert, Neppie and Ted I remain their loving Mother 

Mt Vernon Hotel 
 Decr 14th 1894 

My dear daughter Neppie, 

No, I have not been working so very hard for the past two weeks.  I get out of playing Frou-Frou and have not had so many rehearsals.  And the travel has not been so severe, and no cold weather to contend with, but when we leave here our journeys will be longer and cold weather will catch us in Rochester next Monday and in Buffalo on Thursday.  Then to Toronto & Montreal.  Our Manager told us this Morning that we go to Providence the week after Montreal.  That is the 7th.  I was glad to hear it for I feared it might prove to be a week of one-night stands.  After Providence, Harlem 1 week,  Then 1 night stands for a week and Chicago for two weeks.  Milwaukee 1 week and St Louis 1 week.  Then I imagine we go back to New York, Brooklyn, &c.  About the middle of the 3rd week in April Miss Nethersole sails for England, to play 10 weeks in London under Daly’s management.  Then takes a company of her own and plays through England for the Summer.  So I shall have a very short season this year.  Only 20 weeks. 

I hope Teddie's letters will be answered for Xmas.  He must be a good boy and obey his Papa and Mama in all things and then I guess Santa Claus will be good to him.  I shall be a long way from you all but my hearts love and best wishes to you all.  So with love and Kisses and best wishes to my dear sons Albert & Edward and my dear daughter Neppie I am always their loving Mother    Santa Claus sends Ted a dollar.

Baltimore hotels and theatres

Sylvanus Stokes, Proprietor

Eutaw House 1870-75 photo http://www.mdhs.org/digitalimage/baltimore-buildings-eutaw-house 

Eutaw House,
a large and fashionable hotel built on the northwest corner of Eutaw and Baltimore Streets https://19thcenturybaltimore.com/2010/10/03/stereoview-of-the-eutaw-house-by-william-m-chase/

The site of the Eutaw House became the Hippodrome Theatre after the Eutaw House burned in 1912. Opened in 1914 as a movie theater with vaudeville performances. “The curtain rose again in 2004 on the Hippodrome Theatre at the France Merrick Performing Arts Center.  This was the culmination of a construction and restoration project that transformed and combined three significant historic buildings and one newly constructed building… the Western National Bank (built in 1887), the Eutaw Savings Bank (building in 1888) the Hippodrome Theatre, and a new building at the corner of Baltimore and Eutaw Streets. http://www.france-merrickpac.com/index.php/history

Mt. Vernon Hotel 1894
Monument Street West, FH Nunns, Manager

105 West Monument St, built 1859, opened as the Mt Vernon Hotel in 1867. "
Its rooms could accommodate 75 guests; single rooms rented for $1 a night and suites rented for $10. It is reported to have been one of the leading hotels of the day. Acclaimed actor Edwin Booth - brother of John Wilkes Booth - stayed here when he was performing in Baltimore." The hotel closed in 1994 and was sold. "currently the headquarters of The Oxford Club, LLC   Photo and history 

Cahn's 1897 Theatrical Guide lists rates at the Eutaw as $1.00 and up and at the Mt. Vernon as $2.00 and up . Baltimore theatres included the Academy of Music, Ford's Grand Opera House, Holliday Street Theatre, Kernan's Monumental Theatre and Lyceum Theatre. 

Fords Grand Opera Hous
1891 Saints and Sinners  West Fayette St between West Howard and Eutaw  Closed 1964.  Owner John T Ford had also owned Ford's Theatre in Washington DC.

After the federal War Department seized Ford’s first theater in Washington,  following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, Ford returned to his native Baltimore where he managed the Holliday Street Theater, became a city councilman and, for a short time, acted as mayor of the city. On Oct. 2, 1871, he opened Ford’s Grand Opera House on the corner of Fayette and Eutaw streets. Building was razed in 1964 for a parking lot. Baltimore almost Broadway https://baltimorestyle.com/baltimore_almost_broadway/

Lyceum Theatre 1894 Olga Nethersole  Built by John Albaugh in 1890. Albaugh also owned Albaugh's Grand Opera House and the National Theatre in Washington DC and was married to Maggie Mitchell's sister. Fifth Years in Theatrical Management 1912

Albaugh’s Lyceum Theatre 1209-1913 North Charles St. http://www.mdhs.org/digitalimage/albaughs-lyceum-theatre Photo  While there seems to be a Lyceum Theater in Baltimore now this building burned down.

Mount Vernon neighborhood Baltimore https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Vernon,_Baltimore

Baltimore train stations
Before being absorbed by the Northern Central, the Baltimore & Susquehanna Railroad had a station at Calvert and Franklin Streets in Baltimore which was built in 1850. Calvert Street was the Northern Central’s principal station in Baltimore until July 1, 1873 when it added Union Station on Charles Street, one mile away.  Also in 1873, two tunnels were completed, one on each side of the new station. The eastern tunnel linked the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad, while the one to the west linked the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad. The west tunnel, with its Baltimore and Potomac connection, gave the Pennsylvania for the first time, a direct, but circuitous route between New York and Washington D.C. by way of its Columbia and York branches and then over the Northern Central through Baltimore.  The opening of the east tunnel permitted shorter through service between New York and Washington via the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad. The through route shaved 55 minutes from the trip. Both routes used the central Union Station as a common Baltimore hub. ...On April 1, 1886, a second Union Station was opened on Charles Street replacing the first station. ... The present Union Station opened September 15, 1911 on approximately the same location as the previous station. The PRR goes to Baltimore,  Allen P. Underkofler, 2000   http://www.chesco.com/~apu/prr/baltimore.html

1891 4 29   Baltimore  Fords Grand Opera Saints & Sinners Jim the Penman to Pittsburgh next week then Buffalo Eutaw House
1892 11 1 to 5 or 6 Baltimore  Joseph EJP Mrs Horace Bellingham       Eutaw House
1893 12 25 & week Baltimore  Fords Grand Opera Lady Windermere's Fan 
1894 12 10 to 16 Baltimore  Lyceum Theatre Camille Romeo & Juliet Transgressor
1894 12 14   Baltimore  Lyceum Theatre Frou Frou get out of so not working so hard past 2 weeks Mt Vernon Hotel

Baltimore City Historical Society Resources https://www.hsobc.org/online-resources/

Baltimore Sun,http://baltimoresun.newspapers.com/

Maryland Historical Society http://www.mdhs.org/  

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Baltimore#Gilded_Age

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